Loans and services for the green economy

Pursuing sustainable choices in the environmental sphere is an increasingly pressing issue for those companies that are aware of the impact directly or indirectly generated by their business activities. Intesa Sanpaolo considers environmental protection as an integral part of its business strategy and for years it has been committed to promoting responsible resource management in order to reduce its carbon footprint and evaluate – with the utmost care - the consequences of its economic activities on the environment.


Support to the business system

Even in recent years, Intesa Sanpaolo has never stopped believing in Italy and provides support to those wishing to relaunch. In 2014 it allocated 34 billion euro to businesses and households. Access to credit is an issue of such importance that it has become one of the Business Plan objectives, envisaging the allocation of funds totalling 140 billion euro between 2014 and 2017.


Financial inclusion and economic empowerment

Credit management has a direct impact on financial capital, the use of which allows us to remain faithful to our traditional vocation, of being a real economy bank, for households and businesses. For a bank, encouraging financial inclusion and business idea growth means supporting recovery. This is the key factor for economic, environmental and social sustainability of the community and, at the same time, represents growth opportunities and corporate development.

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