As mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, the Project for centralisation of Group Procurement extends to the International Subsidiary Banks as well. Upon reaching the pre-established objective, all Banks must have adopted and implemented the “Group Procurement Guidelines” and the related “Implementing Rules”.
These guidelines include, within the scope of the “centralised procurement” model, the “local” product categories which draw from local supplies in the case of goods or services for which the procurement market is typically local or closely tied to the specific market. Moreover, they combine social and environmental responsibility criteria in a transversal and well-structured manner and require that all the functions involved take them into due consideration during the sourcing process, from the request for quotation to the request for the offer and supporting information. VÚB Banka has undergone the pilot phase of the centralisation project.
VÚB Banka, BiB and PBZ are the three Banks that first set the bases in 2014 to use the same IT platform for sourcing activities by the Parent Company.

Listening and dialogue

Significant initiatives in this area were conducted in 2014 by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania and VÚB Banka. The former organised a series of meetings that, based on issues regarding the contractual aspects, also contributed to identifying the appropriate measures to achieve the pre-established objectives, simultaneously strengthening the relations with suppliers and the mutual collaboration.
At the beginning of the year, VÚB Banka conducted a communication campaign for all its suppliers on the innovations in procurement, presenting the e-sourcing Portal; it then further examined the issue with a smaller group of suppliers via dedicated workshops. The Bank also offers its suppliers the possibility to express doubts or complaints, using a special email address.

Supplier selection transparency

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, Privredna Banka Zagreb and VÚB Banka have implemented an e-sourcing Portal where the tender processes and relevant information are published.

Screening of suppliers on the basis of social and environmental responsibility criteria

  • Banca Intesa Beograd has introduced a CSR questionnaire in the tender invitation letters, divided into 5 areas: governance, customer relations, work environment, environment and community. The scores obtained in CSR practices are of key importance in the supplier selection process
  • Banca Intesa Russia uses a preliminary CSR questionnaire whose answers, combined with the other criteria, form the supplier’s overall rating
  • CIB Bank, during the supplier selection process, in the event of equivalent offers, gives priority to suppliers with better practices from an environmental responsibility point of view This approach is communicated to the supplier upon invitation to tender.

Monitoring of suppliers with regard to social and environmental responsibility practices

  • For some contracts, based on the procurement type, CIB Bank requires suppliers to make their operations transparent in terms of employment and payment practices. For other types of supply, occasional inspections are envisaged, when needed.