The relations held by the Parent Company with its suppliers were inspired by principles of transparency and equality during 2014 as well. In order to guarantee this, the monitoring of the e-sourcing Portal and the constant upgrade of its functions is of primary importance. The Portal offers an online bidding system: those who apply are required to register online, where, if invited to take part in a tender, suppliers can follow all the stages of the process in a transparent manner. Thus, each supplier, through a special section, can interact with the relative procurement manager and view the documents available or enter bids. There were almost 1,600 online tenders in 2014 compared to 1,400 in 2013 (an increase of about 14%) for a total of around 800 million euro; this constant and significant increase enabled to improve communications and the level of transparency of the relations themselves.
The total number of tenders, or market analyses, recorded a further increase following the launch of the Sourcing Masterplan initiative. Conducted by the ICT Systems Department in collaboration with the IT Procurement Office of the Procurement Department, this activity gradually encouraged market analyses in the ICT sector in all relevant areas.
Initiatives in 2014 more than doubled compared to 2013, involving a total of over 120 suppliers, of which 20% were new. For the future, we expect an essential stabilisation of the market analysis figures as regards the trend and number of suppliers involved.
With regard to the monitoring of payment times, maintenance and monitoring continued on the Portal module for the management of accounting documents, which gives suppliers full visibility of their orders, payments and invoices.