Intesa Sanpaolo is aware that the quality of supplier relations and the procurement policies adopted can also create the necessary conditions to increase the Bank's social and relational capital, optimising the promotion of an approach focusing on the protection of the environment and respect for human rights and workers, and ensuring that suppliers achieve said goal.
The project for the centralisation of Group Procurement, created in 2012 mainly to standardise the procurement rules and processes and to apply a standard model within the Intesa Sanpaolo companies, continued throughout 2014 as well, with centralisation of other Italian Banks/Companies and International Subsidiary Banks of the Group.
Extension of the scope of the project, to be continued in 2015, will increase the number of participants that follow not only the standard sourcing process, but also the guidelines on social and environmental responsibility to be adopted in the procurement area. Thus, in this context the Group Procurement Guidelines and the related Implementing Rules were issued in 2013, transversally integrating social and environmental responsibility criteria.

In 2014, the overall expenses incurred by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group totalled over 2.6 billion euro, broken down as follows: