StakeholdersSub-categoryListening methodIssues discussed
  Network employees of the pilot regional areas of “Insieme per la crescita” (Together for growth)
  • 4 Focus Groups with branch employees and 1 Focus Group with branch Managers
  • Enhancement of employees (training, incentive policies, diversity) 
  Trade unions
  • 1 Focus Group 
  •  Quality of life in the Company (welfare, work-life balance, health and safety)
  Market coordinators
  • 4 face-to-face interviews
  • Service Model development    
  Employees and Managers 
  • Climate survey
  • Employee satisfaction level Perception of one's role in the Bank Manager-employee relationship
  Professional associations
  • 6 telephone interviews to the major Italian professional associations
  • Strengthening of companies' competition
  • Assistance to companies in accessing financing channels
  • Support to strategic business projects
  • Support to the green economy
  Household, Personal and Senior customers
  • 2 workshops, 10 focus groups, 1500 CATI interviews
  • Expectations and perceptions with regard to new business to be developed in the Banca Estesa branches
  Household customers
  • 12 focus groups 
  • 24 ethnographic interviews  
  • 120 experiential homework assignments
  • Needs and expectations of households in relations with the Bank Development of new products and services
  New entrepreneurs
  • Desk survey and CATI survey involving 1,400 young businesses
  • Expectations of young and/or highly technological entrepreneurs on specific banking and non-banking support services with respect to their requirements
  Corporate Customers
  • 5 focus groups 2,100 CATI interviews 210 CAWI interviews 21 face-to-face interviews
  • Support from the Bank, particularly on the issues of innovation and business internationalisation
  Small shareholders' associations
  • Telephone interviews with A.D.B.I., E.d.I.V.A., Associazione Azione Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Social and environmental issues impacting all stakeholders 
  SRI investors
  • Telephone interviews with OEKOM, Sustainalytics, Banque Postale and J. Safra Sarasin
  • Analysis methods of rating companies and SRI investors
  • Strengths and areas of improvement for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group
  • Online questionnaire to a sample of 300 suppliers
  • Quality of relations with suppliers
  • Development of sustainability elements in the supply chain
Results published in the report “Stakeholder engagement activities 2014” on the website @
Civil society associations 
  • Banktrack
  • Areas of research and analysis by the associations
  • Ideas for improvement for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group
  • Fondazione Housing Sociale interview
  • Social housing demand
  • Areas for development and possible role of the Bank in meeting the demand for social housing
  • Caritas interview
  • Social exclusion and needs of people in difficult conditions
  • Areas for development and possible role of the Bank in supporting people in difficult situations 

Mapping of the stakeholder engagement activities carried out by the International Subsidiary Banks was also conducted in 2014. The goal was to identify shared points but also specific characteristics of their approach as well as to identify the most involved stakeholders and the methods used in the various companies. Stakeholders with respect to which the majority of engagement activities were carried out were Customers and Employees (see “Stakeholder Engagement Activities 2014” on the website @ for details on the results).