Attention to arts and culture is a priority element of the strategy that drives the community supporting activities. Progetto Cultura, a strategic reference framework containing the multi-year planning of the Bank's cultural initiatives, has several objectives. On the one hand, it aims to encourage enjoyment by an increasingly large public of its important artistic, architectural, publishing and documentary heritage, coming from the history and tradition of patronage of the financial institutions that have become part of the Group. On the other, it aims to contribute to safeguarding Italian cultural heritage. Promotion of the Bank's artistic heritage is implemented along various lines: study and scientific cataloguing of the works; restoration activity; museum projects creating permanent displays of a part of the collections; planning and organisation of temporary exhibitions; support of scholarships for training and research opportunities for young people, in collaboration with the Universities; loan of works to temporary exhibitions.
Intesa Sanpaolo recognises and promotes the huge educational potential of culture in people's lives. Gallerie d’Italia - a network of museums owned by the Bank, including the Piazza Scala Galleries in Milan, Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza and Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in Naples – offered numerous exhibitions to the public, as well as educational tours and laboratories. In addition to the free educational tours for schools, initiatives addressed to families and activities targeted at summer camp students and design and art courses, numerous initiatives were implemented in 2014 as well, to support the most fragile individuals, by offering laboratories and art-therapy sessions for immigrants, the visually impaired and the blind, for senior residents of rest homes, Alzheimer's patients, visitors with cognitive and sensory disabilities and individuals with mental and physical disabilities.
With regard to activities to protect and promote Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage, the XVII edition of “Restituzioni” was launched, the decades-long restoration programme for public works of art, organised by Intesa Sanpaolo in partnership with the Italian government departments responsible for architectural, archaeological and historical-artistic heritage. Similar programmes or initiatives for protection and enhancement of the public artistic and cultural heritage are also adopted by various International Subsidiary Banks of the Group.
Also of significant cultural importance is the activity to increase physical and digital access to the documentation in the Historical Archive, as well as for the protection, acquisition and enhancement of the archives in the communities in which the Bank operates. Equally significant is the work in the publishing and musical field, for dissemination of the book heritage and of the various musical genres, also through targeted initiatives at the educational level.