Listening and engagement activities involving employees were subject of ongoing attention. A sophisticated climate analysis was conducted on 63,071 professional staff and middle managers, with 51.3% participation rate, and 968 senior managers, with 88.5% participation rate; added to these were 22,731 employees of the International Subsidiary Banks, with a participation rate of 51%. 31 local sessions were held – “Life and work in Intesa Sanpaolo” – attended by more than 300 employees from all company departments involved in the life of the Bank. In addition to numerous ad hoc listening activities for the companies/departments, constant disclosure of information was ensured for all employees of the Group, in Italy and abroad, with regard to the Business Plan and the new Service Model of Banca dei Territori Division, with 70 in-depth interviews conducted with the Regional, Sales and Area Managers of Banca dei Territori Division.