Intesa Sanpaolo has an open and constructive dialogue with Consumer Associations, encouraging standing conciliation in order to strengthen the relationship of trust with customers over time and offer an additional opportunity to ensure and protect customer's full satisfaction with the quality of the products and services used. The procedure, which concerns products offered to retail customers (current accounts and linked payment cards, mortgages and personal loans), is simple, free and fast, with maximum case resolution times of 60 days. Customers may decide to participate, at no cost and without compromising any other procedures they may wish to take subsequently, in order to protect their own interests. A total of 314 claims were received as at 31 December 2014.
Intesa Sanpaolo organises annual plenary sessions with the Consumer Associations to provide updates on the activities underway and planned within the overall framework in which the Bank operates. For several years now, the Group has also been an active member of the Consumer's Forum, an important opportunity to discuss new ideas and virtuous conduct in terms of consumer culture.