To ensure an excellent quality of products sold and a high degree of customer protection, Intesa Sanpaolo has promoted a consultancy-based model focusing on customers' needs, making the business proposal easier and more effective, and fostering purchase awareness. This model is also recognised by the European Directive on markets and financial instruments (MiFID) as that having the highest level of protection for customers.
In terms of current accounts, an innovative modular sales process based on simplicity and customisation was implemented: upon opening Conto Facile (modular current account dedicated to retail customers), the manager follows the various phases through the commercial platform, from the initial interview - which provides an understanding of the customer's specific needs - to identification of the most suitable offering. The proposal that is delivered to the customer at the end of this process is characterised by maximum customisation and also ensures cost transparency, inasmuch as each selected product has a specific monthly price. Even the contracts drawn up during the purchase stage are easier to understand thanks to the use of a brochure listing all the regulations and a customised service subscription form.
In terms of investments, the Bank proposes customised consultancy based on knowledge of the customer in terms of investment needs, risk appetite and financial knowledge and experience. The offering is made starting from an initial investment that aims to define the asset management methods by the customer in terms of current expenditure, reserve, medium or long-term investment and pension over different time frames. The Bank then provides assistance in allocating financial resources, draws up a customised proposal and ensures constant monitoring and adaptation of the portfolio to market conditions and to the needs of customers. Tools at the disposal of managers are the Recommended Portfolios, investment solutions diversified by market and financial instrument that select and combine products and services of asset management and assets under administration in accordance with the market scenario and the risk appetite of customers (conservative, moderate, dynamic and active).
For supplementary pensions, Intesa Sanpaolo offers products designed to build an additional pension to the one paid by the mandatory pension system, in an easy and customised manner. Il Mio Domani and Il Mio Futuro are flexible: customers may choose the amount and frequency of the investment plan, adapting it to their requirements and, if necessary, may suspend the payment plan and freely resume it in the future; customers have the possibility of choosing the “Life Cycle Plan” - in which the line of investment to which the contributions are paid vary depending on the number of years to retirement, with a decreasing risk profile as the remaining time decreases - or selecting and autonomously modifying the investment line over time; lastly, customers may request, upon reaching retirement age, pension annuity or settlement of capital up to 50% of the amount accumulated and may define the most suitable type of life annuity (immediate, reversible or with supplemental insurance). The pension products offered by the Bank also ensure accessibility: in fact, a supplementary pension can be built by contributing even small amounts.