For the Group's Italian banks and for some of its International Subsidiary Banks, Intesa Sanpaolo has activated an anti-fraud system that analyses all transactions carried out via Internet Banking in real time and identifies those considered to be questionable. Such transactions are then centrally verified by a specialised unit. Suspicious instructions are promptly verified to ascertain their truthfulness and accuracy, through direct contact with the customer and - when possible - those not recognised and not yet completed are revoked.
If the customer cannot be contacted by telephone, the branch is notified immediately in order to find another contact method. In the event of ascertainable fraud or fraud attempt, the customer is also assisted in filing a report with the relevant authorities.
All customers are informed on the rules of conduct for the proper and safe use of online tools (e.g., updated antivirus software, detection of phishing emails, correct use of personal codes, etc.).
Constant monitoring of fraud resulted in the blocking of over 2.5 million euro in fraudulent transactions in 2014 for retail customers and nearly 12.5 million euro for corporate customers.