Raising awareness both inside and outside of the Bank as to the importance of protecting the environment and promoting good practices is one of the primary objectives of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Environmental and Energy Policy.

The employee training and awareness-raising actions involved the continued dissemination of the "Ambientiamo" platform, which promotes good practices to be implemented both at home and in the office through educational games, videos, quizzes and multimedia insights into specific topics. In 2014 the platform underwent a complete review and content updating procedure which will result (in 2015) in a new platform and new training modules specifically dedicated to the issue of Climate Change.
An e-learning course is available to employees working in the Head Office Departments and in the operating units involved in the application of the Environmental and Energy Management System. The course provides an insight into the objectives of the System, the requirements of the international reference standards and their application within Intesa Sanpaolo. Almost 1,200 employees were enabled to follow the online course between 2011 and 2014.
Entities operating outside of the Bank who are interested in the application of the System are also made aware of this issue: maintenance and cleaning companies, contractors of works for the outfitting or renovation of operating units, providers of goods and services operating on the Bank’s premises. In the 2012-2014 period, meetings were held with the managers of 33 service companies, during which the good practices implemented on the Bank's premises and the regulatory requirements – with which suppliers are not always familiar – were highlighted.
Other awareness-raising actions, targeted at a wider audience, are conducted through the participation in initiatives promoted by entities or organisations both in Italy and abroad. Intesa Sanpaolo takes part each year in "M'illumino di meno", "World Environment Day", and “European Week for Waste Reduction” with customer communication campaigns carried out through ATMs, the website and at the Branches.
The banks belonging to the international network also promoted training and communication initiatives and projects on environmental matters. They all adhered to the “World Environment Day” with original initiatives aimed at raising awareness among customers as well as among employees and their families. To mark the occasion Alexbank promoted a training session with around 70 children of employees, Banca Intesa Russia focused its customers’ attention on rising sea levels, while Banka Koper invited its customers to use digital signatures, donating 0.10 euros for every electronic transaction carried out to the “Eco school” project. The Earth Hour campaign promoted by the WWF was also highly popular in terms of participation: one example was the switching off of office lights at CIB Bank, Banca Intesa Beograd and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania. Finally, at local level, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania took part in the “Let’s clean the coastline in 1 day” initiatives, which involved some employees on a voluntary basis.

Sustainable events

The Rules governing sustainability for the organisation of Group’s events envisage the use of invitations and documentation in electronic format, the choice of facilities with high energy efficiency, fit-outs that are reusable or created with recycled or recyclable raw materials, and catering that uses washable tableware and glasses. The 2014 reports submitted by the International Subsidiary Banks and Group departments involved demonstrate a strong commitment to pursuing the requested criteria and improving the results obtained: more specifically, the Group’s International Subsidiary Banks stood out for their constant commitment to improving, also a sign of their greater awareness of the issue and constant development of green solutions in the organisation of events.