Employment is one of the priority areas in which we are working to motivate and engage people in terms of flexibility, efficiency and productivity.
In 2014 the Group recruited 2,686 people (477 in Italy and 2,209 abroad). At Group level the number of women reached 53.2% and the investment in the future through the introduction of new resources continued in line with company objectives.
The Group workforce turnover rate of -0.92% is in line with the planned structural action.
The Business Plan identified the development and motivation of people and the strengthening of their sense of belonging as some of the key levers for meeting the Group’s strategic objectives. To this end, a project was launched for the requalification of the excess production capacity, numbering around 4,500 people, who can be moved to new initiatives that will generate value. In fact, the recovery of productivity and the attainment of the income and assets goals will be crucial for protecting jobs. With this in mind, the “Banca 5” growth initiative was launched which involved the creation of a commercial chain dedicated to the development of around 5 million customers which, according to forecasts, will employ around 3,000 people from other structures. Family managers and customer assistants, in particular, are involved. A training programme that focuses closely on business methods, the management of customer relations (also remotely) and change management was set up for them.
As regards the research and recruitment of personnel, 2014 saw the continuation of the investments aimed at strengthening the presence of Intesa Sanpaolo on the LinkedIn professional network, the new recruitment and employer branding channel, with the goal of enhancing Intesa Sanpaolo’s reputation as an excellent workplace and attracting highly-talented candidates, with benefits deriving from the hiring of expert professionals in Italy and abroad. In the first year it was used, LinkedIn, a tool with no geographical barriers, proved to be an effective channel for quickly and directly accessing a large candidate base, and by the end of the year the company profile reached the milestone of 50,000 followers.