The “On Air” platform for the professional management and development of the Group has been extended to all employees in the Parent Company and Banca dei Territori Division Head Office Departments. On Air promotes employee motivation through a structured process of self-nomination for assessment procedures, which are followed by personalised enhancement and empowerment plans aimed at stimulating professional growth and development. The platform guarantees a constant monitoring and the enhancement of people as part of a Succession Planning process.
Individual motivation is therefore the distinctive feature of On Air, the basis for identifying merit and launching professional development paths that respect the policy of inclusion and promote diversity. In response to the evolution of the context and the appearance of new roles, and thanks to the mapping of the expertise, skills, motivation and attitudes voluntarily made available by people in On Air, a new process, “Direct Job Offering”, was launched during the year, which made it possible to carry out targeted job search campaigns based on the profiles of open positions and the expertise required in the company. According to a "corporate job market” logic, it was possible to create cross-department growth opportunities for interested and motivated employees.
In 2014, the assessment activities involved over 2,400 people, with the launch of 574 development plans. Managerial assessment activities continue in parallel.

In the Corporate and Investment Banking Division, 146 assessments were carried out as part of the “Compass” project, which seeks to map the skills and areas of excellence of professional employees who have performed to an outstanding level. In addition, the “Talents on board” project, involving 12 participants, saw the launch of a multidisciplinary on-the-job learning programme dedicated to high-potential young graduates. Also active was the “Imagine” project, an empowerment and career guidance course for new joiners (under-32s) in the Division, which involved 35 participants (and 350 since it was launched).

In the International Subsidiary Banks Division the “MIpath” project continued. This project aims at creating and implementing international training and development courses dedicated to employees of the international subsidiaries that work in the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Lending Officer and Risk Management areas. The initiative is designed to strengthen and/or increase skill levels in priority areas for the Group through training activities and periods of on-the-job training. The courses, accessible to employees in Italy and abroad, were specifically developed to meet more effectively the needs of each participant, and involve close collaboration between the International Subsidiary Banks Division, the relevant departments at Parent Company level, and the International Subsidiary Banks involved. Launched in late 2013 with the collection of applications, in 2014 the project led to the implementation of 22 international courses. A project to extend the initiative to other areas is currently under consideration.
December 2014 saw the launch of a Managerial Assessment project, primarily aimed at second line managers of the International Subsidiary Banks, in which Alexbank acted as pilot bank. The aim of the project is to highlight the target population’s compliance with the new Group managerial expertise model and define - also at cross-country level in the future - development initiatives in line with the improvement areas underlined by the assessment.