Expanding and diversifying people’s knowledge and skills is crucial to achieving our business strategy, enabling us to fully exploit the potential of our talents, generating commercial, social and economic value. The “Master Class” and “Direct Job Offering” projects reflect the innovative dimension of the “corporate job market”, responding to the evolution of the context and the emergence of new roles by leveraging on the diversification, integration and enrichment of people’s skills through their proactive engagement in development paths. The projects aim to enhance internal expertise through targeted training and development investments that seek to strengthen specialist skills also with regard to emerging new roles in the banking and finance sector. “Direct Job Offering” uses the information made available by On Air on the Group’s employees (in terms of technical skills, previous experience, motivation and aspirations) to meet the job search requirements of the Departments as regards both role and specific expertise. Both projects will help to generate new job opportunities, exploiting people’s professional backgrounds and motivation to apply for roles/positions that differ from their current one. Internal mobility makes it possible to go beyond the traditional culture of professional silos of origin to support a culture of cross-disciplinary work that enhances the specialist content of the various roles.

Thanks to the Direct Job Offering process, two job search campaigns were carried out in 2014: the first one dedicated to open positions at Banca Prossima (around 1,700 people were contacted for 160 positions with 900 applications), and the second one that is ongoing in the Legal Affairs Department (for 10 positions around 60 people have been contacted). The initial screening of potential candidates - based on the profile being sought - continues with the persons being directly contacted by email to ascertain their interest and motivation in the position. In case of positive reply, the process is completed with the management and line interviews, and the appointment of the person to their new role.
“Master Class” is a skills acceleration and development project focused on Risk Management themes and developed in association with SDA Bocconi (School of Management). The project consists of a 6-month accelerated training and development course, structured into a dynamic sequence of technical and on-the-job training with periodic sessions to monitor the level of learning and proficiency demonstrated during the field activities and projects in the Departments. At the end of the course SDA Bocconi awards participants a certificate attesting to the skills they have acquired.