The aim of the “Feedback 180” project launched in the Banca dei Territori Division is to strengthen leadership styles and to generate widespread long-term involvement by entrusting people with responsibility. This stems from an understanding that, as well as strategic choices, nowadays success is connected to people’s ability to change and adapt their behaviour, making decisions based on the customer’s needs and accepting challenges and responsibility. The “Feedback 180” project is a development course focused on leadership skills that has made it possible to define and acquire an understanding of the prevalent leadership styles, supporting managers in the evolution of their leadership approaches to make them more consistent and effective with regard to business challenges. The strategies for managing and motivating employees were redefined, focusing on greater flexibility, innovation and engagement and support for the growth of all members of the team, particularly those that are less expert. In 2014, after an initial pilot phase carried out together with the Internal Auditing Department, the project was extended to the management of the Banca dei Territori Division (Regional Managers and Commercial Managers) with the aim of developing a culture of ongoing and structured dialogue between managers, providing precise indications on possible actions for improving management style and the factors that impact on corporate efficiency. “Feedback 180” involves an initial cross-assessment phase (assessment and self-assessment) relating to the quality of leadership actions and the conditions that impact on corporate efficiency. This is followed by a look at the results and a discussion on the strengths and the areas for improvement that emerged. The course then involves the definition of individual and group development and empowerment plans, and monitors the changes and improvements that occur over time in terms of leadership style and corporate efficiency.