Control of social and environmental risks in the governance processes

The Internal Control Committee monitors the implementation of the Code of Ethics - the broader regulatory reference due to the integration of social and environmental considerations in the corporate processes, practices and decisions - and reports to the Supervisory Board. The Committee receives periodic reports from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Unit on the outcome of control activities performed in line with provisions of the Group Compliance Guidelines and in reference to the UNI ISO 26000 standard.


Effectiveness of the governance system

Intesa Sanpaolo adopts the dual management and control model, consisting of a Supervisory Board and a Management Board.

Detailed information on the corporate governance system is provided in the “Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structures – Remuneration Report” @.

The Supervisory Board


Vision and values

Conscious of the value of our activities in Italy and abroad, we promote a style of growth that focuses on sustainable results and the creation of a process based on the trust deriving from customer and shareholder satisfaction, a sense of belonging on the part of our employees and close monitoring of the needs of the community and the local area.

Our growth strategy aims at creating solid and sustainable values from economic and financial, social and environmental standpoints, built on the trust of all our stakeholders and based on our values.

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