What do Responsibility and Sustainability mean for a company during the longest and most serious global crisis since the 1930s? Responsibility and Sustainability have to be redefined according to the real situation and to the awareness that a business does not live in an ivory tower, nor does it answer to a single stakeholder or measure its success based solely on profit and financial indicators.


Letter to the stakeholders

2014 was an important year for Intesa Sanpaolo, with the presentation of a business plan designed to reinforce our mission of serving households and businesses and changing our way of banking in order to seize new growth opportunities in a continuously changing environment. The Sustainability Report aims to present to stakeholders our commitment to supporting the real economy, with a view to creating value over the long-term for the Bank and its people, for the community and for the environment. This is the concept of sustainability that Intesa Sanpaolo has adopted.

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