Management of social and environmental risks in loans: the Equator Principles

Protecting financial capital means adopting an approach also designed to manage social and environmental risks deriving from loans for industrial and infrastructural projects.
In this area, the Bank also operates in countries where human rights are often not guaranteed and local communities do not have suitable means to protect their rights, and where the use and consumption of natural resources call for careful, forward-looking assessment.
Monitoring this risk also means guaranteeing that the Bank’s operations and its reputation are protected.


Control of social and environmental risks in the governance processes

The Internal Control Committee monitors the implementation of the Code of Ethics - the broader regulatory reference due to the integration of social and environmental considerations in the corporate processes, practices and decisions - and reports to the Supervisory Board. The Committee receives periodic reports from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Unit on the outcome of control activities performed in line with provisions of the Group Compliance Guidelines and in reference to the UNI ISO 26000 standard.

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