Incentive system

Thanks to a specific trade union agreement, an initiative was launched for the free allocation of Intesa Sanpaolo shares to employees who also have the option of participating in investment plans (LECOIP: Leveraged Employee Co-Investment Plan). At the end of these plans they obtain a higher capital sum than the original investment, even if the shares drop in value, and the chance to earn even more if the shares increased in value.


Job protection

Employment is one of the priority areas in which we are working to motivate and engage people in terms of flexibility, efficiency and productivity.
In 2014 the Group recruited 2,686 people (477 in Italy and 2,209 abroad). At Group level the number of women reached 53.2% and the investment in the future through the introduction of new resources continued in line with company objectives.
The Group workforce turnover rate of -0.92% is in line with the planned structural action.

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