Even in recent years, Intesa Sanpaolo has never stopped believing in Italy and provides support to those wishing to relaunch. In 2014 it allocated 34 billion euro to businesses and households. Access to credit is an issue of such importance that it has become one of the Business Plan objectives, envisaging the allocation of funds totalling 140 billion euro between 2014 and 2017.

Mortgage renegotiation is another highly important issue to production: for this reason since 2013 we have adopted specific processes and procedures that offer mortgage renegotiation to SMEs in temporary financial difficulty, facilitating the sustainability of the loan by extending the duration of the repayment plan for the residual debt in order to adjust the commitment to the actual available cash flows of the customer. This tool allows prompt and proactive monitoring of the positions which, despite being affected by temporary financial difficulties, show solid prospects of positive development.
During 2014 mortgages with payment arrears were renegotiated for 656 Corporate customers and 911 Small Business customers. In addition, 791 lease agreements were reviewed for Corporate customers and 427 for Small Business customers.

Proactive credit management

The Group’s 2014-2017 Business Plan provides for initiatives for dynamic management of credit risk. These include the development and complete operational start-up of the Proactive Credit Management Processes through full activation of the dedicated chain and the creation of new support tools.
Proactive Credit Management is the new model dedicated to managing customers in potential difficulty, with the aim of recognising the first signs of problems and acting promptly with the most appropriate and effective management initiatives, avoiding deterioration of the basic credit fundamentals of the borrower. The approach adopted is differentiated by customer type:

  • “prevention” for potentially recoverable customers with a view to growth and development through targeted action to renegotiate and/or grant new financing that allows the temporary difficulty to be overcome;
  • “care” for customers with weak fundamentals by restructuring credit facilities using the most strongly controlled types, but at the same time guaranteeing the sustainability of the financial commitment by the customer.

In this first phase, in operation since July 2014, the project was activated for the Banca dei Territori and Corporate and Investment Banking Divisions with the involvement of the Chief Lending Officer’s department.