Aware of the fact that the brand is a major strategic asset, capable of generating value for stakeholders, Intesa Sanpaolo is always focused on the measurement, enhancement and protection of the image and reputation of its brand.

In the banking sector, where products and services are intangible, the image and reputation have a certain impact, and even greater importance in influencing decisions and awareness of consumers. For this reason, Intesa Sanpaolo has for some time adopted a Group brand image monitor to assess developments over time among all targets (the population, small business, SMEs, corporate and opinion leaders), also considering the social, political and economic scenario and the reference sector.

The brand is a corporate asset with a quantifiable economic value which each year is measured by the Bank’s internal bodies by using an average of three important international estimation models: Brand Finance, Hirose and Royalty Relief. This value is also compared with synthetic brand equity indices calculated by leading research institutions based on: visibility, image and ability to attract new customers.

Value of the Intesa Sanpaolo brand

Taking into account the Brand Finance assessments and applying other internal models based on the Hirose and Royalty Relief approaches, values attributable to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group brand fall between 4.0 billion euro and 4.4 billion euro. These values, given the scenarios assumed and the correlation with observable stock market prices, are in any event indicative and represent a prudential measurement of the intangible asset in question.

2014 saw a strong improvement in the image, both with customers and non-customers, greater than the growth recorded by the entire banking system. The increase in image values of Intesa Sanpaolo can be largely attributed to factors such as prestige, the Bank’s solidity, support to household and business projects and the good level of service offered, also through online channels.
The image improvement is also echoed in the improved reputation, which is monitored annually through multi-client analysis in the reference competitive context.
Intesa Sanpaolo’s reputation is higher than the banking system average in the retail segment and, to an even greater extent, among the opinion makers and non-customers. The considerable gap in the reputation index between Intesa Sanpaolo and the system average in the non-customer segment - having no direct experience with the Bank - is mainly attributable to the positive impact of communication activities undertaken by Intesa Sanpaolo in recent years.
The Bank’s communication activities are also constantly measured through ad hoc research to monitor memory, correct brand association, impact on image and call-to-action.
The Bank pays special attention to image and reputation monitoring also via web. Web listening platforms monitor participation in online discussions, the main discussion sources, the buzz share in the sector and the issues and mood of these conversations. This monthly monitoring complements qualitative analysis for an accurate, non-automatic assessment of true sentiment on the web about the Bank, its management and its products and services. Specific units of the Bank are responsible for managing online conversations generated on its proprietary social platforms, designed mainly as a form of customer support. The high response rate and reduced average response time on our social media pages rank us among the leaders in terms of social caring.

Every opportunity for contact with the brand helps to form a corporate image, both with customers and with non-customers, and for this reason Intesa Sanpaolo also monitors the effects of sponsorships and cultural activities on its image and reputation. In particular, in 2014 monitoring of 2015 Milan Expo was implemented. This important event should relaunch the city and Italy and will see Intesa Sanpaolo’s participation as Official Global Banking Partner. During the year the impact on reputation and image of this partnership, as seen by customers and non-customers, will be assessed.